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They call me Xio. You can call me Xiomara.
22 years old.
Chicago, IL., USA
I love puppies and foxes.
I'm an academic overachieving bastard.
I'm all over the place as far as interests go.

No cats allowed; go away!


"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

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gatsby:haha yeah......................old sport
nick:do you have a signature on your texts?
gatsby:no............................old sport
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SPOTLIGHT: Photography Katja Kremenic

Katja Kremenic is a talented freelance photographer from Ljubljana, Slovenia, who currently based in Berlin, Germany.

She’s got a real knack for telling stories in cinematic masterpieces captures throughout her many travels and life experiences.

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Rifftrax: Dinosaurus (1960/2014)

From Rifftrax

Time for Dinosaurus! Not to be confused with Dinosaur U.S., the traveling show where patriotic velociraptors do a leggy synchronized dance to entertain the troops. No,Dinosaurusis a vintage 60s monster flick, complete with a caveman and drunk-looking stop motion dinosaurs (or are they dinosauruses? It’s never quite clear). The dinos find themselves unfrozen on an island chock full of stereotypes (stereotypuses?) including a square-jawed hero, a fat man-child sidekick named Dumpy, a kid who knows what’s really going on but gosh, gee golly, nobody will listen to him, and O’Leary, an Irishman so drunk and cartoonish he single-handedly inspired the formation of the Irish Anti-Defamation League. And, last but not least, the Island Manager (which is apparently a thing) whose hat and beard and general sliminess might just remind you of a certain fella whose interests include keeping the Master happy and slow pizza delivery.

It’s not about DinosaurMe, it’s not about DinosaurYou, it’s aboutDinosaurUs. We love this one and think you will too, join Mike, Kevin, and Bill forDinosaurus!

The two things that Rifftrax do best are:

1. Riffing pompous, awful, idiotic, overblown blockbusters (Harry Potter, the Batmans, etc.); and

2. Riffing old science fiction films. 

Dinosaurus, as you might guess, falls into the second category, featuring large dinosaur puppets they haven’t even bothered to animate much, a forgettable, generic, lantern-jawed leading man, an irritating, unsympathetic Kenny, and the laff-gettingest caveman you have ever seen if you never seen anything with a comedy caveman in it before. In other words, it’s precisely the kind of film I would probably watch even if it weren’t riffed. 

I have no idea what time it is, or even what day it is, in the US, but it’s faintly possible that if you order right away you might still be eligibile for the Labour Day discount. So hurry up and go to Rifftrax or you’ll have to pay the normal, perfectly reasonable price of $9.99.

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Anonymous asked: I'm looking into going to New York next year (I'm from the UK) and not really sure the best area of the city is best to stay in. We want to stay somewhere with some cool bars, restaurants, hangouts/parks etc but not too far from tourist spots too. Can you recommend a good area to stay in? I know you don't live in the city but advice would be good! Thanks



Don’t go is my advice. New York City is disgusting, stressful and expensive. I promise its not worth it. The only thing I ever enjoy doing there is going to museums and I’ve been going since I was very young.

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He was a Tim Burton character before Tim Burton started making movies


He was a Tim Burton character before Tim Burton started making movies

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